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Welcome to Tangent Zero, my little game design and computer
graphics studio. Here you can find my rules, 3d graphics,
support files, and other nick-nacks of my hobby life.

2017-8-15: Things are changing! A new version of Map Gen is in
the works and I'm moving The Trouble with Rose to DriveThruRPG.

2016-11-29: Created a free 3d model just for kicks. In Traveller,
the classic game map for a world is an icosahedron (d20) but
sometimes you want to see that map as a planet. For you game
designer types, here is a copyright free 3d model of a sphere but
UV mapped to Traveller style world maps. [trav_world.zip]

Check out Donjon's Fractal World Generator if you want to make
your own maps. Select Map Projection: icosahedral and
Map Palette: Atlas (or whatever flavor strikes your fancy.)

2016-04-12: Uploaded It's not my Future! to DTRPG.
It's a free play-aid from running FAE sci-fi adventues.

2016-02-11: Reformated the site to make it more mobile friendly.

2016-02-09: Created an official page for Rewind.

2016-01-06: Zero Dice, added d10s to the mix

2015-11-23: Zero Tarot, a fool's story generator
Inspired by a tarot based story game that I heard on a podcast.

2015-07-15: Here are a trio of classic web toys from the old site:
Map Gen, creates space sectors in several styles.
Plot Gen, randomly generates zany plots.
Rocket Calc, number crunchy rocket science.

2015-5-6: Woot! I did a little whip cracking and finally got Frozen
Thunder into a presentable shape. Please feel free to check out
the rules PDF on the Frozen Thunder page. Any feedback (good,
bad, or ugly) is welcome. I've also gotten fairly far on a prototype
computer game based on these rules, but it still has a ways to go
before it is presentable.

2015-4-22: Yeah, I'm terrible with the updates, but there are good
things in the works. Zero Dice has been updated to include Fate and
regular dice. I created a one page version of The Trouble with Rose,
and I made a 15mm Type S Scout ship for paper crafting. HERE

2014-5-16: Zero Dice, a story dice generator
Roll one to six virtual icon dice and make your own story.

2013-12-03: For NaGaDeMon 2013 I wanted to create a
solo game. I decided to go with a design inspired by one
of my favorite micro-games, Chitin: I. So, please check
out HymenopTerra.pdf and my play test of it.

2013-08-07: I created an editor entry for RPGenesis 2013.
I was fortunate enough to get permission from John Harper
to re-edit Ghost/Echo. You can check out my entry here:

2013-05-26: Woot! I finished my entry for Game Chef 2013
in time. You can check out my entries here:
Road to Ruin (in docx format - 12,310 kb)
Road to Ruin (in Word97 format - 13,971 kb)

2013-05-17: Heh, I guess I should keep the front page
more current. Game Chef 2013 is going on and here are
some unrelated computer graphics - Todd's Photobucket.

2012-10-12: Uploaded an older project I did for making
3D terrain suitablefor a Space Hulk game if you're into
papercraft. [spacehulk_3d.zip]

2012-9-26: Posted TCOM 4.0 first draft rules and an update to TTwR.

2012-4-15: Finished Three Card Coyote and made a page for it.

2012-3-27: Added two after-action reports to the TTwR page.

2012-3-22: Added a few actual play links to the TTwR page.

2012-3-20: Updated The Trouble with Rose page and added
the 'essentials' ZIP file for the ENnies judges.
Added the beta rules for Tactical Command and Cluster War.
The version 3 rule sets are rather wordy and the version 4 sets
are an on going effort to reformat and shorten the rules to make
them more concise.

2012-3-19: Added place holder pages for my major projects.

2012-3-16: Zero Hour, site activated!

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