The year is 6830, a time of conflict.  TOG controls 80% of known space.
Only a handful of opposition remains.  Are you ready to take to the cause?

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The Renegade Legion universe

The RenLeg universe, as with many FASA games, has a universe and history that was well layed out and rich in possibilities. It is, perhaps, one of the endearing factors that keeps RenLeg fans so devoted to the game. The year is 6830, and this isn't a galaxy far, far away, but our own. A history where humanity is crushed, then rises from the ashes only to succumb to the greatest blackness of human nature. This page is dedicated to the background that makes Renegade Legion what it is.

To begin, the actual history of the Renegade Legion universe. There are two pages, the first is from the pages of a history book, describing how it came to pass. The second is a tabular format of all important dates in the RenLeg universe.

  • The RenLeg History
  • RenLeg Dates
  • To some, however, as rich as the RenLeg history is, there are some flaws. For one, it is a bit too black and white. There is the TOG on one side, and the Commonwealth/RL on the other. Secondly, it is too cut-n-dried, not enough variety other than the bare-bones required to make it viable, to simply make it a story. For these reasons, an embellishment project has started. Leading to discussions and to new ideas on how to 'pump up' the universe.

  • Clayton Green, Don Gallager, and Ralf Hagen add their thoughts and ideas.


    Prefects, prepare to take command!

    There is never just one battle... in this war that has raged on for so many years, the maxim "won the battle but not the war" takes on a chilling reality. From skirmishes to meeting engagements to all-out assults, the encounters between TOG and the CW/RL are anything but infrequent. TOG marches on relentlessly, the CW forced to hold best it can, counterstriking when the opportunity presents itself, and beginning its own planetary assults only in the rarest of cases...

    Got something to submit?  E-mail me.

    Got something to submit?  E-mail me.

    Got something to submit?  E-mail me.

    Got something to submit?  E-mail me.


    Under alien skies...

    The Cizerack -- A race of felines from the BattleLords universe.


    The rules of war...

    The rules of warfare are never constant. Those who believe they are shall be doomed to repeat the failure of those that anticipate the speed and power of the blitzkrieg. Rules are meant to be re-written as the need arises, and those who can grasp this concept can lead their men into their own Vimy Ridge. War never ceases to be in flux. Rules change. So, it is as well within the confines of the Renegade Legion game. Just as tactics evolve, so do the rules...

    INTERCEPTOR PDF of the 2nd Edition ruleset by Don Gallager
    TOG, Commonwealth, and KessRith fighter info for RL:Int2 (ICBs need work)
    PHALANX HTML draft by Luc Nadon & Dallen Masters
    NEVERENDING Original Continuous Conflict/Neverending Offensive PDF by Kannik
    Continuous Conflict/Neverending Offensive PDF with no background artwork

    The following pages present a plethora of new rules and rules variants. For the most part, they are independant, and one can pick and choose which to include, and which to leave out. The rules presented are for all editions of the games, whether 1st edition or 2nd edition (Centurion and Interceptor). While the rules are a bit more complex for the most part, they can add tremendously to the flexibility and realism of the game, building on the excellent base that exists. Please give these a try, and let me know what you all think...

    General Rules Variants

  • Cross-Grain Movement
  • Skill Generation
  • Pilot Damage
  • Interceptor Rules Variants

  • Initiative Rules
  • Pursuit Rule
  • Thrust Reversers
  • Evasion
  • Ground Movement
  • Self Destruct
  • Firing Arcs
  • Salvo Fire
  • Size Based To-Hit
  • Angle of Attack A
  • Angle of Attack B
  • Missiles
  • Shield Rule
  • Danger Space
  • Damage Rules
  • DFM and Laser Damage
  • Construction Rules
  • Weapon Control/Placement
  • Leviathan Rules Variants

  • Initiative Rules
  • Ship Size
  • Firing Arcs
  • Bay Geometry
  • Centurion Rules Variants

  • Familiarity Bonus
  • Initiative/Turn Sequence
  • Terrain Occupation
  • Movement Rules
  • Terrain Table
  • Lateral Shift
  • Emergency Turns
  • Ramming
  • Self Destruct
  • Salvo Fire
  • Shield Rule
  • Damage Rules
  • Weapon Placement
  • Firing Arcs

  • Conversion Notes on Centurian to Dirtside II by Alexander Williams


    Design teams never rest...

    New Equipment

  • Boosters
  • Commander Turrets
  • Maneuver Foils
  • Mine Laying Equipment
  • Multiple Turrets


    The battlefield is an ever-changing place...

    New Weapons

  • Air-to-Ground Missile
  • Anti-Infantry Charges
  • Anti-Laser Aerosol
  • Battle Rockets
  • Chemical Guns
  • Gauss Rifles and MDCs
  • Gatling Massdriver
  • Dead-Fire Missiles
  • Heavy Missile
  • Particle Beam Cannon
  • Weapon Pods
  • Recoilless Rifles
  • SSS-G Missiles
  • Smoke Wall Rocket
  • Smoke Dispensing Unit
  • Long Range TVLGs


    New units and modifications...

    Commonwealth: Jagger       Tchak' Mul      Tchak' Mul Weyeb      Vrak'Tar      Na'Ctka Moquka II
    TOG: Pugio      Drusus
    Commonwealth: Foxbat      Fulcrum      Zeus      Thor          Tank8      Tank16      Tank19     
    TOG: Mortus      Trajan II      Rhilus                    Tank18     


    Someone had to hold that hard fought ground...
  • CW Heavy Infantry
  • TOG Penal Infantry
  • KessRith Infantry


    Fan Art and other links...

    I'll strive to keep this current. Feel free to contact me with corrections and additions.

    Todd Zircher


    Furries in Grav Tanks...
    Furries in Grav Tanks!

    Empires -- A Graphic Novel Series by Chris Grant.

    Originally published in the pages of Yarf! magazine, Empires is a military anthology set in a world dominated by anthropomorphic characters (though humans are also present, and in relatively high numbers). Empires is actually two stories interwoven together, Ace of Spades and Morrigan's War. Focusing on a single campaign, Empires takes us to both sides in the conflict, telling the tales of those trying to survive and to prove themselves. The universe of Empires is one of two sides: The Irrykanoi Empire and the Centrality. Furries abound, mainly K9s, Felines, Musteloids and select other small mammals. The two sides are, of course, at war...

    Chris Grant's technical designs and military constructs are strong things to behold, carrying both a 'cool!' factor while maintaining a firm grip to military reality and the military feel. Empires has a history as colourful as the stories it presents within. With a chapter present in each chapter of Yarf!, it gained a reputation (along with its creator) for being a major undertaking each installment. With many artists and inkers in its history, and the now infamous "INK INK INK!" joke to its credit, it will live on in furry history for eternity...

    Empires is available as a collected 4-volume set, along with a 2-volume technical manual from Central Empire Productions: 1704 Malad Circle, Boise, Idaho, 83705, USA

    Editor: I has some curiosity about this series since I enjoyed the story in Albedo Anthropomorpthics by Steve Gallacci. Unfortunately, besides a few wiki articles, I could find very little on the internet to share.


    The stories of war are many...

    A war is not one battle, it is a continuing string of engagements, each with their tales of tension, strategy, triumph, violence, failure, technical wizardry and the trials of those involved. Stories may be brief, or epics, but they are all a part of the galactic war that rages on.

    This page links you to some of these stories...
  • CHAPTER 1 of a short story by Sean
  • CHAPTER 1 of a (2nd) short story by Sean
  • SHORT FANFIC by Jeffrey A. Webb

  • RenLeg/RTech X-OVER

    "I don't make the rules of war, I just play the game." - General Emerson

    A story idea for a massive cross-over.
  • CROSSOVER idea by Kannik

  • RenLeg APA

    Amateur Press Association

    What is an APA? An Amateur Press Association. Simply put, an APA is made up of a membership of people that share a common interest in writing about a common topic. Usually this takes form of an APAzine, a publication that is sent out every so often (quarterly, monthly, etc) to all the members. What makes this publication different from others is that every piece of information contained within is from the members themselves! Furthermore, the APA is more than just a simple book to read or to view, it is a vessel for development. The members send each other comments, criticisms, encouragements, sometimes leading to a strong sense of 'family'. What goes into an APA? Anything that's related to the APA's theme! Art, fiction, rules, designs... you name it. An APA knows no bounds (except, perhaps, shipping costs };)

    This APA is a bit different, for it is not published, it is simply stored here, on this RenLeg site. THIS SITE GROWS WITH YOUR INPUT! Please submit! Right now, member additions are listed here, on this page, but in future, I will integrate them seamlessly into the site as a whole. We know we are out there--this is our place to consolodate our desires, hopes and ideas for this game! If FASA won't support it, and NSG just lost it, it is up to us to produce new material, and to keep our interest alive, and attract new players.

    To the right is all the entries recieved so far. To submit a new entry, please send it to me in either plain text or (much prefered) HTML format so that I can drop it into place here, ready to go. Eventually, I would like to integrate all the entries into the proper site sections itself--for now though, time limiations force me to place them here.

    Editor's Note: At of the time of this posting, the original APA mailing list is not operational. But, the RenLeg Yahoo Group is still alive with a healthy file section. Same for the Renegade Legion International Facebook group. You can find the links to tem. Todd (AKA the Editor) is the moderator on the Yahoo Group and will gladly approve your membership. I'll also see about doing an inventory of that group and sharing some of the original content on this site.


    Other great places to visit...

    I'll strive to keep this current. Feel free to contact me with corrections and additions.

  • Renleg Yahoo Group, mailing list and file respository
  • RenLeg Wikia, another great fan project
  • RL International, a fan presence on Facebook
  • Kannik's Old site, you can find most of it on
  • Kannik's Miscellaneous favorites...

  • Kannik Studios on DriveThruRPG
  • Kannik on DMs Guild
  • Modus Operandi
  • Dream Pod 9
  • Aurora Zine for DP9 (Kannik worked on this for 10 years!)
  • Hero System
  • Wizards of the Coast
  • SpyCraft
  • Todd's Miscellaneous favorites...

  • Tangent-Zero, Tactical Command, Frozen Thunder, Rocket Calc, and random generators

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