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A Cast of Thousands:
Star Wars Saga Edition Ver: 1.3

Character Generation   (Wii/Print Friendly)
How to use:

A Cast of Thousands is a semi-random non-player character generator for the Star Wars Saga Edition. The purpose of this tool is to quickly create NPCs for the GM. As an unofficial game aid, no challenge is implied to any of the respective copyright or trademark holders.

To use this utility, select the appropriate level of randomization. Complete randomization leaves all the decisions to the program. The GM can optionally chose race, level, professions and let the utility work out the rest.

The logic used will rarely create prefectly mini-maxed characters. In fact, that rather goes against the intention of its design. Non-player characters should be loaded with quirks and warts that make them interesting to interact with. After all, if the GM wanted clones, he or she would just pick the clone trooper template.

Race: Gender:
Class:     Age:
Level:             Abilities:  3d6  4d6-low  25 pts  30 pts  35 pts
Prestige Alerts

Sometimes what defines an NPC in life or death is what they carried. It can color their personality, determine how they fight, and how well they'll survive. Depending on your player's morality, it can even say how much they're worth as loot. Using the values listed above, this part of the utility will try to match equipment with the skills, talents, and feats that an NPC has.

* Trying to create prestige classes for random characters can be tricky. The program will attempt to generate one. If there are insufficent levels of expertise and the pre-requisites are not met, the generator will cheat. After all, it's a tool for GMs to make non-player characters and not a by-the-book character generater for players.

** Droids can not be children or young adults. They can be small and child-like, but they are built fully functional. Droids however can be older than an adult due to life experience and parts fatigue.

Character minimum requirements for prestige classes.

Ace pilots, bounty hunters, crime lords, Force adepts, gunslingers, officers, and Sith apprentices need at least seven heroic levels. Elite troopers and Jedi knights need at least a +7 base attack bonus. Jedi masters and Sith lords need at least twelve heroic levels.

Bounty hunters need to be at least a 3rd level scout. Crime lords need to at least a 1st level noble or scoundrel. Elite troopers need to be at least a 1st level soldier. Force adepts need to be at least a 5th level Jedi (or similar Force user.) Force disciples need to be at least a 3rd level Force adept. Jedi knights need to be at least a 7th level Jedi. Jedi masters need to be at least a 2nd level Force adept or Jedi knight. Officers need to be at least a 1st level noble or soldier. A Sith apprentice needs to be at least a 1st level Jedi (or similar Force user.) A Sith lord needs to be at least a 2nd level Sith apprentice.

Yuuzhan Vong and droids can not be Force users.

This utility includes July 2007 errata from WotC as well as data on the Devaronian race and the outlaw tech talents and feat

A Cast of a Thousands: Star Wars Saga Edition is an open source utility by Todd Zircher.
It is intended for use by GMs for their own personal campaigns.
The script and generated data is free for private use.